This is where I'll  babble. Sometimes I might make sense and sometimes I'll be funny. Mostly it will just be babble. 

Not doing what you want in life sucks!

So as you can see I have not updated this site in a REALLY long time. Like really long. Things have been kinda crazy and photography was put on the back burner. When I started this site I worked for Anderson Merchandisers and had been there for about 5 years, and then I got into a car accident and had to take some time off. I wasn't hurt too bad, but was hurt bad enough where I couldn't walk for too long without being in pain. 

During that time, I realized I wasn't really happy where I was with work and started a new job at the USPS. Long story short that isn't exactly working out. So here I am again back to learning photography because no matter how frustrating it is to me, it is something that I enjoy a lot. 

This past weekend I was able to meet up with a photography buddy of mine Keith from 1120studios and his friend Silvia and shoot places in NYC that I have never been to before. We hit Williamsburg and talk shit for a bit and took some photos. Do you want to know something? That was the most relaxed and happy I have been in a really long time. It was a great time with friends that showed me that life is entirely too short to not be doing something you love.

Now my photography may not be the best, I personally think it sucks but every now and then I get a few shots that make me happy and honestly that's all that really matters right now. I'm staying focused on doing something that I honestly enjoy a lot. So you should stop reading this, go get some fresh air and enjoy the things that make you happy!



Work in Progress

Well...where do I even start? I have been so conflicted about whether or not I even wanted to start my own website let alone a blog about my boring ass photography. As a new photographer there tends to be a cycle of being really excited about creating new art and then the horrible lull of not touching a camera for weeks. Or that could just be me. 

Lately I have been going through every photo that I have taken and to my surprise there are quite a few that have impressed even myself. At first I wanted to be this famous photographer getting an insane amount of admiration, but honestly the reason I take photos is because it relaxes me and gives me a chance to actually look at the world. Will you like everything i shoot? Probably not, but it is here for you to look at.

My goal is to shoot as much as possible, get more creative and enhance my photography skills. So that is where this blog and portfolio come in. (You can thank my buddy Keith Perks over at 1120 Studios for pushing me into getting this all started. Super great guy and super talented give him a peek.)

Things are just getting started here and I am still trying to figure out Squarespace but this should be fun.


Sean Eric